What is the “Carrycot Inside”?

This innovative system means that the carrycot is stored within the seat unit itself. Simply unzip and remove the carrycot in as little as 15 seconds. When your baby no longer needs it, the carrycot is neatly stowed within the toddler’s seat unit without the need for extra storage.

Can I fold the pushchair with the seat/carrycot attached?

Xari can be folded when the seat is in the upright position and facing forwards. Never fold the pushchair if in carrycot mode or if two seat units are in use.

Which car seats are compatible with Mima pushchairs?

Our car seat adapter kits comply with all of the following seats:

  • Maxi Cosi CabrioFix
  • Maxi Cosi Pebble
  • Maxi Cosi Mico / Mico AP
  • Cybex Aton
  • Nuna Pipa

How do I clean the pushchairs?

Clean using a damp cloth and a mild cleaning agent. Baby wipes work perfectly. A pencil eraser can be used to eradicate more resistant marks. Small dents on the outer surface of the seat can be resolved by aiming hot air from a hair dryer to the affected area for 1 minute. Do not bleach, iron or tumble dry soft goods.

How do I clean the carrycot?

To wash the carrycot, first remove the bottom board (but remember to put it back correctly afterwards!). Submerge the carrycot into a bath full of previously prepared lukewarm water and soap and wash by hand. While soaking, run a small bristled brush (for example a nail brush) across the surface. Rinse thoroughly and leave to dry, preferably on a grille surface so that the water can escape easily. The carrycot will be as good as new!

How do I clean the chassis? / Tips for chassis maintenance

Enjoy taking your mima pram to the beach with your family but remember to clean off the sand and the salt residue afterwards so as to avoid consequential problems! Always remove excess dirt (mud, dust…) and then clean with a damp cloth and a PH neutral cleaning agent before leaving to dry naturally Periodically lubricate the wheels, hinges and sliding parts using an oil or silicone based lubricant. Don’t use thick oil as it will attract dust and grit that could damage the moving parts.

A quick guide to maintaining Mima textiles

The exterior of the cushions are made with 100% polyester. To keep them in pristine condition, simply stick to the following advice: The carrycot mattress, the seat cushion and the shoulder pads must be removed from the seat to be washed. We recommend that you hand wash them in lukewarm water (maximum 30ºc) with a PH neutral soap. If you prefer to use the washing machine, remember to remove the safety harnesses first to avoid damaging them. Always use a short cycle wash for delicate garments. Never use bleach, don’t put the cushions in the tumble dryer and remember never to iron them.

Cleaning the seat unit

Baby wipes are ideal for cleaning the seat, always carry them with you! When the chair is dirty after use, a quick wipe down with a baby wipe with get rid of any trace of mess! If grease, chocolate or ketchup is spilled on the seat, it’s best to try and remove it all before it dries. To remove such stains, the best thing to do is to wipe the area with a cloth which has been soaked in a mixture of lukewarm water and a PH neutral soap.