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No longer bound by collection rules, it’s now possible to choose your xari for a truly personalized mima experience…

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Choose from hundreds of striking colour combinations for xari.

 No longer bound by collection rules, it’s now possible
to choose your xari for a truly personalized Mima experience…
First, choose between 3 chassis colors:
Elegant Black, striking Aluminium or fashionable Rose Gold.
All chassis colors combine perfectly with any Mima collection.
Second, choose a striking base color for the seat, canopy, basket covers, and sleeves:
Each color in the Mima collection evokes a different scenario.
Coming soon! New eye-catching color!

Royal Blue
And lastly, 8 starter pack colors
to create your winning combination.
4 new eye-catching colors:
Coral Red, Pixel Blue, Pixel Pink and Denim Blue
Complete the look and
get more from your product.


• What’s included mima_button

• Leatherette fabric for easy wipe cleaning

• Adjustable handlebar mima_button

• Easy to fold and unfold

• Seat pad with a 5 point safety harness mima_button

• Reversible seat with a patented “carrycot inside” system

• Highly resistant removable wheels mima_button

• Three seat recline angles mima_button

• Two height settings to adjust the seat or carrycot mima_button

• Drawstring bag incorporated within the basket mima_button

• Weight: 13.4 kg (29.50 lbs)


  • Suitable for use from birth up to 17kg / 37.4lbs
  • Dimensions: 87 x 61cm / 34.2 x 24”
  • Chassis weight: 9.2kg / 20.3lbs
  • Weight of carrycot with mattress: 2.36kg / 5.2lbs
  • Weight of chassis and carrycot: 11.7kg / 26lbs
  • Weight of chassis with seat: 13.4kg / 29.5lbs

The patented mima "carrycot inside" system means that xari can be used either as a carrycot or as a pushchair. The innovative system means that, when not in use, the carrycot is stored inside the seat unit itself. Aided by the cleverly concealed zips, the transformation from carrycot to seat and vice versa takes as little as 15 seconds.

Easily switch from the carrycot to the seat unit once your baby is 6 months old or can sit unaided.

The reversible seat means that baby can face the parent as well as face forwards and discover the world. The triple layered, fan-style canopy offers partial, minimal or total shade. 2 height positions; an elevated ride or a lower, more conventional position.


The compact xari pushchair folds down with a simple press of a button and lift of a lever. Remove the wheels if you need the pushchair to occupy even less space. To unfold simply lift the handlebar and take 2 steps back – xari rights itself with ease, even when using just one hand. May fold with the seat unit attached, when it is in the upright position and facing forwards.


The exterior of the cushions are made with 100% polyester. To keep them in pristine condition, simply stick to the following advice:

The carrycot mattress, the seat cushion and the shoulder pads must be removed from the seat to be washed. We recommend that you hand wash them in lukewarm water (maximum 30ºc) with a PH neutral soap.

If you prefer to use the washing machine, remember to remove the safety harnesses first to avoid damaging them. Always use a short cycle wash for delicate garments.

Never use bleach, don’t put the cushions in the tumble dryer and remember never to iron them.

Did you know that with mima it’s easy to change the look of your pram in order to follow the latest trends? You only have to change the color of the seat pad to another from the mima range and it will look like a whole new pushchair!

Enjoy taking your mima pram to the beach with your family but remember to clean off the sand and the salt residue afterwards so as to avoid consequential problems!

Always remove excess dirt (mud, dust…) and then clean with a damp cloth and a PH neutral cleaning agent before leaving to dry naturally.

Periodically lubricate the wheels, hinges and sliding parts using an oil or silicone based lubricant. Don’t use thick oil as it will attract dust and grit that could damage the moving parts.

Most resistant marks can be removed with a pencil eraser!

Blowing hot air from a hair dryer for 1 minute onto affected areas will restore any unsightly dents in the seat!

Liven up your pram and give it a personal touch with this fantastic idea. Why not print a picture or photograph onto some transparent sticky back plastic to brighten up and personalise the seat pod? When you decide to change the image, just peel it away and you can begin to plan your next customised design!

To continue with the personalised theme, why not stitch polka dots, stars or other fun patterns onto the cushions?

Baby wipes are ideal for cleaning the seat, always carry them with you! When the chair is dirty after use, a quick wipe down with a baby wipe with get rid of any trace of mess! If grease, chocolate or ketchup is spilled on the seat, it’s best to try and remove it all before it dries. To remove such stains, the best thing to do is to wipe the area with a cloth which has been soaked in a mixture of lukewarm water and a PH neutral soap.

To wash the carrycot, first remove the bottom board (but remember to put it back correctly afterwards!). Submerge the carrycot into a bath full of previously prepared lukewarm water and soap and wash by hand. While soaking, run a small bristled brush (for example a nail brush) across the surface. Rinse thoroughly and leave to dry, preferably on a grille surface so that the water can escape easily.

The carrycot will be as good as new!

Leatherette fabric for easy wipe cleaning
Adjustable handlebar 3 positions to suit the parent
Easy to fold and unfold
Seat pad with a 5 point safety harness
Reversible seat with a patented "carrycot inside" system
Highly resistant removable wheels, with sports shoe technology so they never deflate
Front wheels with 360º swivel and wheel block. Rear wheels feature a simple break system that is easily executed by the foot
Three seat recline angles
Two height settings to adjust the seat or carrycot
2 baskets with magnetic lids

The innovative choice of materials and the carefully designed details give xari a unique look that breathes elegance. EVA covered in leather-look polyurethane means that the pushchairs are lightweight, resistant, breathable and easy to clean. Its unique finish bestows an ultra-contemporary feel and also boasts unique barrier properties that make it ultra hygienic, meaning it is ideal to be used on a daily basis.

Highly resistant removable wheels, with sports shoe technology so they never deflate. The front wheels feature a 360º swivel and wheel block. The rear wheels feature a simple break system that is easily executed by the foot.

Two lidded baskets with magnetic lids offer storage and keep items neatly out of sight. With the included canopy rain cover, xari provides everything needed to accompany you all the way.

The xari rain cover helps to protect your little one from the elements on wet and windy days.

Press downwards on the flip-flop friendly brake to engage. Press downwards again to release.

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Black, Aluminum, Rose Gold, Special Edition


Argento, Black, Black & White, Snow White, Camel, Cool Grey, Blue

Starter Pack

Black, Black & White, Stone White, Sandy Beige, Coral Red, Denim Blue, Hot Magenta, Ruby Red, Pixel Blue, Pixel Pink, Retro Blue, Autumn Stripes