Mima Xari 2019 | Press Release

Mima Introduces New Xari Sport Edition for March 2019

This spring, luxury stroller brand Mima brings style and innovation to the all new Xari designs. Presenting our gorgeous Xari Champagne for the fashion forward mom, Xari Rebel (Limited Edition) for the brave parent looking for a bit of edge, and the long awaited Xari Sport that provides a new mode of transport for your growing child. These new products will launch March 2019.


As lead designer Davy Kho expresses, “For me, design is all about making life simpler and more stylish and hopefully that’s what my pushchair designs do.”


Presenting the new xari sport, a mima xari with a sport seat offering higher levels of comfort for older or larger children while still maintaining the style and elegance of classic mima products. Sportier lines and more casual materials don’t deviate from the fact that this product is still very much mima.


Stand out from the crowd with the new mima xari Champagne, sporting a new Champagne chassis – exclusive to this elegant edition. Treat your little one to the best of the best, and stroll in exquisite style. Matching golden-toned accessories make this product a gold lover’s dream.


Demetrius Idlett


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Hollywood, FL 33020



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